The super-effective 10-minute workout that’s taking the nation by storm

Bruce the fit Boss suggests a single minute of very intense exercise produces the same or better health benefits as longer endurance training 

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  • The 10-minute fitness workout that’s just as or more effective as a 60-minute routine
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A recent study laid out exactly how to work out to get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time with effective exercise combinations. The trick is to strategically order the exercises so you're working on different major muscles groups with each session. This allows all the major muscle group to work, resulting in a super-efficient, effective full body workout routine. The workout takes just 10 minutes, with a 5 min warm up by a professional trainer like Bruce The Fit Boss, and can improve your health and decrease body fat & it’s proven according to science.

But more importantly, the short-interval training sessions improved insulin sensitivity just as much as the longer sessions. The short sessions also increased respiratory fitness and skeletal muscle mitochondrial content.

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I have had amazing success with the 10 Minute workout program, and couldn’t recommend it more. Pascal

I have no words besides this has changed my life. Very effective, challenging and it just works. Jill

Working day and night I just had no time. This is the first program that ever really worked. Maryanne

Actress Kristen Bell Performs Short Burst Workouts

"I need fast workouts. I don't have an hour and a half—I have 25 minutes, max," Bell recently told SHAPE.

"The whole thing takes me maybe 15 minutes. It's fantastic for your heart, brain, and body.

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