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  • No More Supplements – Americans are wasting hundreds of dollars every month on health supplements that don’t even work. They have stacks of pills and powders they take mindlessly each morning with no effect.
  • Training Program – You don’t need to spend hours every day to get exceptional results. Fitboss workouts are based on our “Functional Fitness” method so you get strength, cardio, agility, mobility, stability, and fat-burning benefit workouts.
  • Customize workout plan – Completely customizable to your fitness level, whether you can do 50 pushups or 0 pushups if you are healthy as an ox or have autoimmune concerns we are the experts in healing the body, mind, and nutrition. Your personal training plan also includes workouts that are provided when you are not in a 1 on 1 session with me.
  • Simple Nutrition Plan to Get Lean Fast
    Changing eating habits can be difficult, to say the least, but our simple nutrition plans you will see results right away. You’ll be amazed by the food you can eat while still burning fat off your body, feeling amazing all day long, and boosting your energy.

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Learn From The Top Personal Trainer In PA, at 51 years of age Bruce (the fit) Boss will not only get you in amazing shape but also decrease your age by 10 years. With all the convenience of training in your own home, gym, or other personal space.  I specialize in body and lifestyle transformations and use physical training, mind changes, nutritional changes, and full body improvements to help you reach your goals. I will teach you how to eat right and exercise with proper form, and help you understand the various aspects of fitness inability, stability, and mobility.

Bruce is so impressive with his knowledge it’s a no-brainer to be a student of his. In just 4 weeks of training so far I feel like a new person, the combination body, mind & nutrition that Bruce offer’s it like nothing I have ever done before. Life Long Student John B


Bruce Fit Boss